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Welcome to my Blog!

Ever get a thought and want to share it with people? I do. I'm constantly soaking up the meaning of life's experiences and journaling about them (back in the day, we'd throw it on Xanga). Some thoughts go deep. Others, not so much.

But I'm wondering if anyone else has the same feelings as me. Or maybe I could help provide some comfort in knowing you're not alone. Either way, I'd love to share some of those thoughts with you.

My name is Anna Joy Yee. I've worked as a journalist, an airline agent, a dance teacher, a retail operations associate, and now I'm a writer and actor based in Chicago. Hope we can learn, unlearn, discover, re-discover, and "annalyze" life together -- and find some laughs along the way!

Life can be hard. Let's lighten it up a bit. :)

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